Images Western Mongolia 2003: Animals

Impressions of a field trip to Western Mongolia. Selected photos of animals and their habitat.

The excursions during which the pictures on this site were taken, were made possible by the help of funding by the Volkswagen foundation.

Phrynocephalus versicolor
Lizards in a artemisia-dominated semidesert, fixed, somewhat loamy sand

Habitat: stony Anabasis desert, fixed soil with pebble and many stones

Locust in plain rubblefield with stony Anabasis desert

Butterfly at Trifolium lupinaster in light larch forest

Locust (?) in chenopodiaceae-dominated vegetation, around a broken well, stony soil

grazing cattle in Zhargalant-Khayrkhan-Uul mountains, sparse Caragana bungei shrubs

Habitat: rather dry alpine meadow in Zhargalant-Khayrkhan-Uul mountains

Wasp in plain rubblefield with stony Anabasis desert

Parnassius mnemosyne in alpine meadows, Zhargalant-Khayrkhan-Uul mountains

(photos by M. Schnittler)