Images Mongolia 2003 (II)

In summer 2003, Dr. Sabrina Rilke and Sebastian Schmidt led a four weeks students excursion in Mongolia. Starting from Ulaanbaatar, they explored the country westwars towards Khovd/Great Lake Basin. On their way back, they touched the north of the Gobi and returned to the mongolian capital after exciting weeks with lots of plant material and also new ideas in mind.

Foothills of Bogd Khan Ul

Overnight stay at a river

Echinops cf. latifolius

Provider with Aaruul or Airag

Preparing plant material during the travel

Marketplace in Khovd

Collecting Artemisia

Assembly of a mongolian yurt (Ger)

near Bayankhongor

(photos by S. Rilke, H. Tienenkamp)