Coalition for Networked Information Baltimore MD, 2010: Spring Membership Meeting

A. Zemmrich & R. Zölitz: „Greifswald‘s Digital Information System on the Flora of Mongolia“ (Presentation)

Spring 2010 Membership Meeting des cni vom 13.-14.04.2010 in Baltimore, MD


FloraGREIF is an Internet-accessible database providing taxonomic, bio-geographical and ecological information on Mongolia flora including texts, high-resolution plant images and an interactive Web geographic information system (GIS). Information is split into the taxon level, related to plant species, and the record level, related to collected plant specimens such as herbarium specimen and images of living species. Both are linked by the name of the respective plant species. FloraGREIF is introduced as a practically applicable tool of ecological and taxonomic research on Central Asia’s vegetation. As an integral component of the Open Source Initiative within the content management system of Germany’s Greifswald University it is expected to be supported on a long-term basis.

Abstract des Konferenzbeitrags