Differentiating features of Caragana in Mongolia

C. pygmaea C. leucophloea C. stenophylla
shrub/ height to 0.50 cm up to 1.5 m to 0.80 m
bark bright golden pale yellow brownish-greyish-green
leaflets mostly grayish pubescent
glabrous beneath
narrowly obovate
glabrous beneath
linear-lanceolate to linear
ovary densely pubescent glabrous or appressed pubescent glabrous
legume/length pubescent when young, 2-3 cm glabrous, 3-3.5 cm glabrous, 2-2.5 cm
unguis of wing ~ 1/3 as long as limb ~ 1/3 as long as limb ~ 1/2 as long as limb
auricle of unguis short ~ 2/3 as long as unguis ~ 1/4-1/2 as long as unguis

data compiled by: S. Rilke & S. Starke