Keep it searchable III

It’s no magic to be found in the world wide web, it’s just a question of SEO – search engine optimization.

There are hundreds of Megabytes of literature on SEO, so I just want to repeat the most common tipps:

  • Make sure any page on your site is linked to at least one other page of your site. Imagine a search engine being a spider crawling a net – it just won’t jump from page to page when there’s no link between. Imagine a search engine as a curious monkey – it will collect any information on your website if it’s only able to move from page to page. Search engines work as a guidebook, so make sure the automatic editors of this book can access your webpage, crawling like a spider or moving like a monkey.
  • Make sure any picture on your site is tagged with metadata such as a title. Remember the spiders and monkeys – they lack unfortunately the ability to appreciate the content of the pictures, but they do read all subtitles.
  • Make sure that you try to optimize your web site first if users still won’t find what they looking for although you think they really should be able to. Don’t be afraid of feedback, but have a benefit from these remarks in improving your website.

text by: U. Najmi