Geobotanical Region of Mongolia – Basis of Distribution Data (acc. to Grubov 1955)

All geographical names are transcribed from the Mongolian original spelling acc. to Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. (1997) and UNGEGN: United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names (2003).

Key Name
1 Khubsugul Khubsugul
2 Khentey Khentey
3 Khangay Khangay
4 Mongol-Dauria Mongol-Dauria
5 Great Khingan Great Khingan
6 Khovd Khovd
7 Mongolian Altai Mongolian Altai
8 Middle Khalkha Middle Khalkha
9 East Mongolia East Mongolia
10 Great Lake Basin Great Lake Basin
11 Valley of Lakes Valley of Lakes
12 East Gobi East Gobi
13 Gobi-Altai Gobi-Altai
14 Dzungarian Gobi Dzungarian Gobi
15 Transaltai Gobi Transaltai Gobi
16 Alashan Gobi Alashan Gobi