Key to Orobanchaceae in Mongolia

1. Corolla tubular-campanulate to funnelform, lobes subequal. Cistanche
Corolla bilabiate, lobes unequal. 2.
2. Bracteoles 2 under or attached the calyx. Calyx cylindrical or campanulate with 4-5 teeth. Stem branched or simple. Corolla distinctly constricted above the ovary and gradually widen to the seam. Style mostly falls off. Capsule usually top opening. 2n = 24. Phelipanche (in Mongolia only Ph. caesia)
Bracteoles absent. Calyx divided into 2 lateral, entire or divided segments. Stem simple. Corolla widen from the base. Style mostly persistent. Capsule usually lateral opening. 2n = 38. Orobanche
1. Bracts, bracteoles and calyx lobes glabrous or subglabrous. Corolla 30-40 mm, pale yellow-white or pale purple. Anthers sharp acuminate or apiculate-mucronate. Cistanche deserticola
Bracts, bracteoles and calyx ± hairy or arachnoideous-lanate. Corolla-seam violet. Anthers abruptly mucronate. 2.
2. Calyx lobes ca. as well long as brood, ovate to subrounded (sometimes sparse hairy and denticulate). Corolla 25-37 mm, white, the seam violet. Cistanche salsa
Calyx irregularly 5-parted, lobes unequal, acuminate. Corolla (25) 32-38 mm, yellow, becoming pale brown when dry, lobes brown-yellow when dry. Cistanche lanzhouensis
1. Inflorescences whitish arachnoid-villous. 2.
Inflorescences glandular-pubescent, rarely sparsely villous. 3.
2. Flowers from whitish base light blue or blue-violet (very rare purple). Orobanche coerulescens
Flowers white. Orobanche korshinsky
3. Corolla tubular or tubular-campanulate, slightly constricted below middle and above attachment of filaments, mostly from whitish base bluish or violet at seam; upper corolla lip 2-lobed or emarginate; filaments inserted 5-8(-12) mm above corolla base. Hosts: Artemisia L. 4.
Corolla campanulate or tubular-campanulate, not constricted below middle, curved, pale yellow; upper corolla lip entire or emarginate; filaments inserted 1.5-6(-7) mm above corolla base. Host: Thalictrum L. Orobanche krylowi
4. Anthers densely villous along suture. Corolla mostly white-yellowish, at constriction ± geniculate. Stigma yellow, mostly stand out from the mouth of the corolla. Orobanche pycnostachya
Anthers glabrous or slightly villous near base. Stigma white, not outstanding. 5.
5. Corolla 10-22 mm, strongly curved, becoming conspiciously inflated, pale yellowish to violet, darker bluish or violet at the seam, lobes small. Anthers glabrous, rarely subglabrous. Orobanche cernua var. cumana
Corolla 20-25 mm, slightly curved, at constriction something geniculate, not inflated, from whitish base dark blue or blue-purple, lobes large. Anthers villous near the base, rarely subglabrous. Orobanche amoena

Created by: H. Uhlich
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