Overview on features of Aquatic Plants in Mongolia

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data compiled by: S. Rilke

Differentiating features of genus resp. species of Scrophulariaceae in Mongolia

taxa height in cm corolla corolla length in mm corolla limb spur corolla lips flower colour stamen
Castilleja pallida 20-50 tubular ca 15 bilabiate without upper lenghtwise concave folded pale yellow 4
Cymbaria daurica 5-15 tubular 25-50 bilabiate without upper bend outwarts, lower longer than upper one bright yellow, dried brownish 4
Dodartia orientalis 15-35 tubular 15-25 bilabiate without upper lip flat, lower lip densely glandular hairy dark purple 4
Euphrasia div. (4 species) 3-30 tubular 5-10 bilabiate without lobes from upper lip bent backward white, pink to pale purple 4
Lagotis integrifolia 8-35 tubular, tube cylindrical 8-12 bilabiate without upper lip flat dingy-white 2
Lancea tibetica 2-7 tubular 15-25 bilabiate without upper lip flat, deeply 2-lobed purple to blue 4
Limosella aquatica 2-5 regular campanulate 1-2 5-lobate without not bilabiate pink 4
Linaria div. (8 species) tubular bilabiate with lower with protuberance yellow 4
Odontites vulgaris 15-40 tubular 8-10 bilabiate without 2-lipped pale red-purple 4
Rhinanthus songaricus 20-50 tubular 15-20 bilabiate without upper lip helmet shaped light yellow 4
Scrophularia div. (3 species) 15-70 globose, with short tube only 4-17 short bilabiate without very short bilabiate yellowish or darc purple 4
Veronica div. (18 species) flat, rotate 4-lobate without without blue, rarely white or pink 2
Veronicastrum div. (2 species) flat, rotate 4-lobate without without blue 2
taxa leaves leaf margin remarks
Castilleja pallida alternate, linear-lanceolate entire Stem simple. Flowers aggregated at stem apex in dense racemes with pale yellow large bracts, calyx bilobate.
Cymbaria daurica opposite, linear lanceolate entire Stem branched, densely hairy. Flowers large, solitary, calyx 5-dentate with appendages between the teeth: appears 10 dentate.
Dodartia orientalis alternate to opposite, linear entire or toothed Perannial, with terminal loose racemes, leaves falling off early.
Euphrasia div. (4 species) opposite acute dentate Small annual with hairs, facultative semi-parasitic on grasses and other plants.
Lagotis integrifolia opposite, petiolate entire or toothed Stem simple, leaved. Flowers sessile, aggregated in dense cylindrical inflorescences.
Lancea tibetica opposite, elliptic entire or toothed Corolla dark blue to purple, throat yellowish with purple dots. Fruit included in persistent calyx
Limosella aquatica in radical rosette, long petiolate entire Aquatic plant with reduced stem.
Linaria div. (8 species) alternate entire Corolla throat closed by protuberance of lower lip.
Odontites vulgaris opposite, lanceolate sparsely dentate Semi-parasitic hairy annual.
Rhinanthus songaricus opposite, linear-lanceolate dentate Semi-parasitic; calyx inflated, laterally compressed.
Scrophularia div. (3 species) opposite, dentate or pinnatilobate dentate Rather large plants, corolla tube globose.
Veronica div. (18 species) mostly opposite, rarely whorled or upper ones alternate Flowers somewhat regular.
Veronicastrum div. (2 species) alternate or whorled Flowers somewhat regular, calyx 4 lobate.