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Determined as:Poaceae Bromopsis sibirica (Drob.) Peschkova
Record formerly determined as:Bromus pumpellianus Scribn.
Collected by:Hilbig, W.; Bumschaa, D. u.a., 10.08.1977
Determined by:Hilbig, W.; Bumschaa, B.
Confirmed by:Sabrina Rilke, Susanne Starke, 08.05.2009
Comments for presentation :typical plant for Bromus pumpellianus Scribn. due to Flora of China: florets 8-10, spikelets 30mm long, stalks of spikelets longer than spikelets
Herbarium:HAL Acc. No.: 45040
Locality: Charchiraa bei Ulaangom, Tal des Kl. Charchiraa oberhalb Pionierlager
Coordinates:geogr. Coord. 91.806 (lon) 49.925 (lat)
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Prec:15 km