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Determined as:Tamaricaceae Tamarix leptostachya Bunge
Revised by:Rilke, Sabrina, 12.5.2009
Record formerly determined as:T. arceutoides
Collected by:Wesche, K., 8.7.2004, Coll.No. 4575
Photo by:FloraGREIF
Determined by:Wesche, K.
Flowering status:flowering
Comments for presentation :racemes 4-7 cm long, up to 4 mm wide; petals caducous disc synlophic (filaments broadened)!
Remarks written on herbar label:Blüten kräftig rosa, weit offen, Blütenblätter abfallend, Ährchen 3-6 cm lang
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Dissected flower: filaments broadened, arising between disk lobes: disk synlophic
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Twig with clasping leaves
Locality: Transaltay Gobi
Habitat:Salzpfanne mit Haloxylon, S30 , Salzpfanne mit Haloxylon, S30