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Determined as:Alliaceae Allium microdictyon Prokh.
Collected by:Zemmrich, A., 06.07.2004, Coll.No. Westsib 25
Determined by:Nicolai Lashchinsky, 2004
Confirmed by:N. Friesen, Aug. 2008
Flowering status:vegetative
Locality: Russia, West Siberia, Tomsk oblast, Bokchar rayon, near village Plotkino
Coordinates:geogr. Coord. 83.03 (lon) 56.54 (lat) WGS84
Altitude:120 m asl
Habitat:Siberian fir - spruce forest with sedge-dominated herb layer at a flat plain in a small river basin within southern taiga zone on soddy podzolic soil with secondorary humus-accumulation horizon (Eutric Albeluvisol)