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Determined as:Alliaceae Allium tuvinicum (N. Friesen) N. Friesen
Revised by:Friesen, Nikolai, 2003
Record formerly determined as:A. anisopodium Ledeb.
Collected by:Hilbig, W.; Schamsran, Z., 23.08.1976
Determined by:Hilbig, W., 21.01.1982
Flowering status:fruiting
Herbarium:HAL Acc. No.: 64845
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Locality: Kharkhiraa near Ulaangom, valley of Echen Chargant between Kharkhiraa rest home and Suslan Khamar
Coordinates:geogr. Coord. 91.774 (lon) 49.926 (lat)
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Prec:15 km
Habitat:degraded area of a former Larix forest