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Determined as:Alliaceae Allium chamarense M. Ivanova
Revised by:Friesen, N., 20.03.1998
Record formerly determined as:Allium amphibolum Ledeb.
Collected by:Ansorge, H., 22.06.1978
Determined by:Hilbig, W., 21.01.1982
Herbarium:HAL Acc. No.: 49940
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Exposed inner filament with one acute tooth at base of each side (tepal downward folded).
photo by: FloraGREIF
Geogr. Region:Kharkhiraa-Uul
Locality: Kharkhiraa near Ulaangom, Suslan Khamar
Coordinates:geogr. Coord. 91.728 (lon) 49.924 (lat)
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Prec:15 km
Altitude:appr. 2400 m asl
Habitat:debris-bearing slope