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Determined as:Cyperaceae Carex cf. stenophylloides
Revised by:Schnittler, M., 1.12.2010
Record formerly determined as:Carex cf. duriuscula C. A. Mey
Collected by:Schnittler, M., 31.07.2003, Coll.No. 20217
Determined by:Schnittler, M., 2003
Comments for presentation :glumes with broad whitish margin, perigynia too young, but gradually narrowed into beak
Herbarium:GFW Acc. No.: 41334
Geogr. Region:Great Lake Basin
Next important location:10 km SW Seer, between lakes Khar-Us-Nuur and Dalay-Nuur
Locality: Seer, northern tip of Agvash-Uul island, plain at the NE-end of the zagon hills
Coordinates:geogr. Coord. 92.5422 (lon) 48.2842 (lat)
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Prec:250 m
Altitude: 1227 ± 25 m
Habitat:Caragana-dominated shrub desert, loose sands blown over red basalt rocks