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Determined as:Juncaceae Juncus cf. salsuginosus
Collected by:Schnittler, M., 31.07.2003, Coll.No. 20218
Determined by:Schnittler, M., 2003
Flowering status:flowering to fruiting
Herbarium:GFW Acc. No.: 041199
herbar scanscans available
Geogr. Region:Great Lake Basin
Next important location:5.5 km WSW Seer, between lakes Khar-Us-Nuur and Dalay-Nuur
Locality: Seer, sandy, fixed alluvial soils around the Khara-Us river
Prec:500 m
Altitude: 1159 ± 10 m
Habitat:short-grassy, somewhat salt-influenced, intensively grazed meadows