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Determined as:Asteraceae Artemisia dracunculus L.
Collected by:Rilke, S.; König, P., 4.8.2002, Coll.No. 3796
Determined by:N. Lashinski, 2002
Confirmed by:Schnittler, M., Dez.2009
Flowering status:flowering
Herbarium:Herbar Rilke Private herbarium of Sabrina Rilke, R. Breitscheidstr. 5, D-17489 Greifswald, Germany; contact:
Locality: West Siberia, Altaiskyi krai, Barnaul, Ob river valley near Barnaul
Coordinates:geogr. Coord. 83° 28' (lon) 53° 25' (lat)
Altitude:200 m asl
Habitat:Southern part of the forest-steppe zone, specific birch - aspen forest islands and vegetation of dry meadows, catena from ordinary chernozem soil to soddy podzolic soil according to the different positions in microrelief