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Determined as:Asteraceae Ixeris chinensis subsp. versicolor (Fisch. ex Link) Kitamura
Record formerly determined as:Ixeridium gramineum (Fisch.) Tvelev
Collected by:Günther, K.-F.; Schnittler, M., 09.09.2007, Coll.No. 28108
Determined by:Günther, K.-F.; Schnittler, M.
Confirmed by:Kilian, Norbert, 12.010
Flowering status:flowering to fruiting
Herbarium:KF Private herbarium K.-F. Günther, Buchaer Str. 6 b, D-07745 Jena, Germany
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Geogr. Region:Bogd-Khan-Uul mountains
Next important location:7.9 km SSW of the centre of Ulanbataar
Locality: Ulaanbaatar, right side valley of the main valley into the Bogd-Khan-Uul Mts., Mongolei, Zentral-Aimak, Tal des Tola-Flusses (Tuul gol), Ulan-Bator (Ulaanbaatar), 5_km südl. vom Stadtzentrum, "am Nordfuß des Bergstockes ""Bogd chan uul"", am südl. Ortsrand von Dsajsan"
Coordinates:geogr. Coord. 106.8836 (lon) 47.8517 (lat)
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Prec:150 m
Altitude: 1910 ± 100 m
Habitat:rocky outcrops within mixed Larix sibirica / Picea obovata taiga at a S-exp. slope, Straßengrabenböschung