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Determined as:Cyperaceae Carex cf. petricosa
Revised by:Schnittler, M., 5.11.2010
Record formerly determined as:C. pediformis C. A. Mey.
Collected by:Zemmrich, A., 21.07.2002, Coll.No. AZ 571
Determined by:Oyuunchimeg Damdinsürengiyn, 2002
Flowering status:flowering to fruiting
Comments for presentation :M.Schnittler: or C. fuliginosa ssp. misandra (R.Br.) W.Dietr.. The latter species is not known from Mongolia but very similar, and is more northern in distribution. More material would be needed to investigate the status of that species in Mongolia.
Herbarium:GFW Acc. No.: 41307
herbar scanscans available
Geogr. Region:Khukhe-Serkhiyn-Nuruu mountains
Locality: adjacent to Delün sum of Bayan-Ölgiy province