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Determined as:Chenopodiaceae Kochia melanoptera Bunge
Collected by:Zemmrich, A., 11.08.2003, Coll.No. AZ 194
Determined by:Zemmrich, A., Feb 04
Confirmed by:Rilke, Sabrina, 26.6.08
Comments for presentation :glabrous plant with young fruits
Remarks written on herbar label:Vergleichsbeleg für Micropeplis arachnoidea
Herbarium:GFW Acc. No.: 41634
herbar scanscans available
Geogr. Region:Great Lake Basin: river Khovd
Locality: 4.8 km ENE of Khovd river bridge E of the street from Bayankhoshuu sum centre/Myangad sum to Seer sum centre (Dörgön sum)
GPS number:224
Altitude:1258 m asl
Habitat:semi-desert near Khovd river delta: sand dunes fixed by salt