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Determined as:Asparagaceae Asparagus cf. tamariscinus
Collected by:Frank, D., 22.07.1986
Determined by:Frank, D.
Confirmed by:Ungethüm, K., 30.07.2014
Flowering status:flowering
Comments for presentation :Herbarvgl. > wie HAL 47273, cladodes 4-10 x -0,5 mm, by (3-)5 in fascicles, flower pedicel 4-7 mm long, plant +/- glabrous, with some inconspicuous lines of spines
Remarks written on herbar label:A. trichopyhllus ?
Herbarium:HAL Acc. No.: 133979
Locality: Westrand des Uvs-Nuur
Coordinates:geogr. Coord. 92.33 (lon) 50.15 (lat)
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Prec:20 km