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Determined as:Alliaceae Allium clathratum Ledeb.
Revised by:N. Friesen, Aug. 2008
Record formerly determined as:Allium strictum Schrad.
Collected by:Zemmrich, A., 14.07.2004, Coll.No. Westsib 60
Determined by:Nicolai Lashchinsky, 2004
Flowering status:flowering
Comments for presentation :brown to dark grey, reticulate tunic; pedicels with several bracts at base
Herbarium:GFW Acc. No.: 039077
herbar scanscans available
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Filaments 1.5-2 times longer than perianth.
photo by: FloraGREIF
Province:Altayskiy kray
Geogr. Region:West Siberia
Locality: Academic town near Barnaul city, Russia, West Siberia, Altayskiy kray, Academic town near Barnaul city