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Determined as:Geraniaceae Geranium pratense ssp. transbaicalicum (Serg.) Gubanov
Photo by:M. Schnittler, 23.08.2003
Determined by:Rilke, Sabrina, 16.4.2009
Flowering status:fruiting
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Schizocarpic fruit
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Schizocarpic fruit separating in single seeded mericarps, pedicel typical glandular
Geogr. Region:Bogd-Khan-Uul mountains
Next important location:5 km N of the city limits
Locality: Ulaanbaatar, W-exp. lower slope of the first ridge to the valley with the president's summer palace
Prec:5 km
Altitude: 1250 ± 100 m
Habitat:light larch (Larix sibirica) forest with almost closed understrorey herb cover