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EditorS. Rilke, November 2008
Name acc. to:APweb
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Synonym: Geraniaceae (acc. to Grubov (1982/2001))
Description:Main difference to Geraniaceae: ovary and fruit without beak-shaped appendage; capsule coriaceous, indehiscent.
Tax. Comments:Previously it has been included in the Geraniaceae.
open map in a new windowtaxon distribution for   acc. to Geobotanical Regions of Mongolia by Grubov (1955)
genus: 1
species: 1
Habit (i)general appearance of a plant
Parasite status: (i)Is the plant a half- or full parasite?no parasite/saprophyte (i)Plant fully autonomous, leaves with chlorophyll
example: Most plants, Ranunculus

Leaf (i)expanded, usually photosynthetic organ of a plant (including phylloclades)
Leaf veination: (i)Arrangement of the main veins of a leaf.pinnate (i)One main vein, several side veins, sometimes inconspicuous
example: Cicerbita

Root / shoot below ground (i)plant part below ground (in most cases), including below ground shoots, without leaves
Root type: (i)Organisation of the roots.allorhizous (i)Plant with a conspicuous tap root, one larger tap root with side roots
example: Dicotyledonae
inherited by order Sapindales: allorhizous