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Scientific name: Lycopodium annotinum L.
Name acc. to:Gubanov 1996
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open map in a new windowtaxon distribution for Lycopodium annotinum acc. to Geobotanical Regions of Mongolia by Grubov (1955)
Habitat:Taiga forests, low birch and willow thickets in upper part of forest belt and at upper forest limit (Grubov 2001).
Habit (i)general appearance of a plant
Growth form: (i)Herb, shrub, tree or climber.herb (i)Herbaceous, erect plant, up to 2m high, mostly with a leafy shoot; if perennial, shoots die to the ground each season, shoots are not woody
example: Artemisia pectinata
inherited by genus Lycopodium: herb
Special growth forms or habits:creeper (i)Low, mat-forming herbaceous plant, growing along the surface of the ground or just beneath the surface with rhizomes like a mat
example: Potentilla anserina, Lycopodium annotinum
inherited by genus Lycopodium: creeper
Flower (i)reproductive portion of the plant, consisting of sepals, petals, stamens, and pistils
Ovary position: (i)For entirely or partly fused carpels, describe their position in relation to the insertion point of perianth leaves (best done by doing a longitudinal section of a flower).absent (i)Without ovary: male flowers inherited by order Lycopodiales: absent
Root / shoot below ground (i)plant part below ground (in most cases), including below ground shoots, without leaves
Root type: (i)Organisation of the roots.homorhizous (i)Many equal roots
example: Monocotyledonae
inherited by vasc. plants: homorhizous
Distribution (i)region where the plant is likely to be found
Distribution (Veg. Zones): (i)acc. to Grubov 1952Khentei (i)In distribution data often named as '2'
acc. to: Gubanov 1996