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Scientific name: Cystopteris dickieana R. Sim
Name acc. to:Gubanov 1996, not in Grubov 1982/2001
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Synonym: Cystopteris filix-fragilis (L.) Borb. (acc. to (Plants of Central Asia, Vol. 1, 1999).)
Synonym: Cystopteris fragilis var. dickieana (R. Sim.) Moore (acc. to Bjazrov et al. 1989: Flora Khangaya.)
Tax. Comments:For comments on synonyms see Plants of Central Asia, Vol. 1 (1999: 99).
open map in a new windowtaxon distribution for Cystopteris dickieana acc. to Geobotanical Regions of Mongolia by Grubov (1955)
Habitat:In rock crevices, among stones, under overhanging rocks and boulders, in exposed and forested localities (valid for Cystopteris filix-fragilis (L.) Borb. in Plants of Central Asia, Vol. 1, 1999).
Flower (i)reproductive portion of the plant, consisting of sepals, petals, stamens, and pistils
Ovary position: (i)For entirely or partly fused carpels, describe their position in relation to the insertion point of perianth leaves (best done by doing a longitudinal section of a flower).absent (i)Without ovary: male flowers inherited by order Polypodiales: absent
Root / shoot below ground (i)plant part below ground (in most cases), including below ground shoots, without leaves
Root type: (i)Organisation of the roots.homorhizous (i)Many equal roots
example: Monocotyledonae
inherited by vasc. plants: homorhizous
Distribution (i)region where the plant is likely to be found
Distribution (Veg. Zones): (i)acc. to Grubov 1952Khubsgul (i)In distribution data often named as '1'
Khangai (i)In distribution data often named as '3'
Mongolian Altai (i)In distribution data often named as '7'
Depression of Great Lakes (i)In distribution data often named as '10'
acc. to: Gubanov 1996, Revushkin et al. 2001
Distribution Khangay: (i)acc. Flora Khangaya 1989V