Images Western Mongolia 2003: Plants

Impressions of a field trip to Western Mongolia: selected photos of plants and their habitat.

The excursions during which the pictures on this site were taken, were made possible by the help of funding by the Volkswagen foundation.

Bogd-Khan-Uul mountains

Tillaea aquatica
Great Lake Basin

Great Lake Basin
freshwater shore of the lake

Caragana-Atraphaxis shrub desert on deep-sandy, loose soil over granite rubble

Khar-Us-Nuur lake, Artemisia-dominated semidesert on sandy soil

Echinops gmeliniiArtemisia-dominated semidesert

chee-grass (Achnatherum splendens) stands

light larch forest (Larix sibirica) interrupted by boulderfields

Larix sibirica

(photos by M. Schnittler)