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Determined as:Hippuridaceae Hippuris vulgaris L.
Photo by:M. Schnittler, 03.09.2007
Determined by:Schnittler, M., 03.09.2007
Confirmed by:Rilke, Sabrina, 20.7.09
Flowering status:vegetative
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Next important location:18.5 km E Seer (Dörgön), ca. 9 km E of the NE beach of lake Dalay-Nuur
Locality: lower, open part of the valley of the Chono-Kharaykhyn Gol river, W of the rocky canyon, Great Lake Basin Seer
Coordinates:geogr. Coord. 92° 52' 57'' (lon) 48° 19' 26'' (lat)
Prec:100 m
Altitude: 1132 ± 25 m
Habitat:swamped meadows and shallow water